Sisters of the Feel The Word Ministries in Bynum Alabama often take to the road in complements of three to spread that word throughout Alabama, Georgia and parts of Northern Florida.

The sisters often share driving duties and enjoy attending services at various Christian churches throughout the region. They might leave Bynum at midnight on Saturday to get to a service elsewhere on any given Sunday morning.

Having a break-down at 2 am in Atlanta can be a frightening experience for young sisters of the cloth and such was the case when the girls had to find out about 24 Hour Towing Atlanta ( the hard way!


 Two hours out of Alabama, our sisters hit the Atlanta beltway and that’s when the steam started to come in through the vents of their 1988 Chevrolet Impala.

There wasn’t any good place to pull over and this was surely going to disrupt their road trip to an associate church in the town of Valdosta. The temperature gauge on the car started to rise and smoke began to be seen coming out from under the hood!

One of the quick-thinking sisters used her smart phone to find road services near the zip code her phone’s GPS location reported they were traveling in.

Much to the good fortune of these sisters came up in her search cue and she was able to speak to a dispatcher immediately.

24 Hour Towing Atlanta’s dispatcher took careful note of the car’s location on the Interstate and advised the girls that a service vehicle could be on-site in ten minutes! This was amazing to the girls who felt their trip was proceeding towards a bad outcome.

During the short wait the girls had for the truck to arrive, they used the browser on the phone to learn more about which was coming to their rescue.

They learned of the sterling reputation 24 Hour Towing Atlanta has and the high degree of customer satisfaction they enjoy.

Before too much time passed, the truck arrived. It backed right into position and the Dynamic Towing mechanism picked the front wheels of the car right off the ground automatically in just seconds!

“Ladies, there is a 24 hour garage nearby that should be able to take care of you immediately!” said the driver. No finer words could have been heard by them.


 These sisters had uttered several prayers as their car started going bad. They all felt their prayers were answered when they found out about and now traveling to a handy, 24 hour shop could not have been better.

It didn’t seem like too much time had passed before they arrived at the shop. It was long enough for the car to cool down a little.

One look at under the hood and the mechanic knew exactly what the problem was. “Ladies, you have a loose clamp here on your radiator hose!”

What good news! These ladies were grateful that their prayers had been answered and that they would be soon back on the road without a huge mechanical issue and ensuing car repair scenario. It was an absolute godsend to have discovered and for them to have towed their vehicle to the closest and best possible place around for quick service.

They soon were back on the road with no worse for wear and made the Valdosta service with time to spare!